Is That Scented Candle Killing You?

Posted by CHRISTIAN CRISTIANO 25 SEPTEMBER 2017 on Sep 26th 2017

Christian Cristiano has written this and we though it was appropo to share with the world too.Is That Scented Candle Killing You? CHRISTIAN CRISTIANO 25 SEPTEMBER 2017WELLNESS--Scented candles may se … read more

Candle Dangers

Posted by Fiona Miller on Aug 11th 2017

Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles are extremely popular, especially their seasonal candles which offer delicious fall and winter smells. However, one Texas woman suffered a nightmare after one of h … read more

Candle Dangers

Jul 14th 2017

Take A Scentimental Journeywww.BestDamnScents.comBy; FUNMI ADERINTO, KadunaThe use of candles in many homes has caused a lot of damages, sadness, unforgettable issues as a result of loss of lives and … read more