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Candles comfort or danger

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Paraffin candles comfort or danger

Unlike wax candles, which are made of natural materials, are completely safe, but it has a nondescript look pleasing to the eye paraffin candles, inexpensive and long burning.But for those who care about their health and the health of loved ones, without significance the safe use of candles.

Modern paraffin candles are a mixture of solid hydrocarbons limit derived from refined oil, mineral wax, or dry distillation of wood products, oil shale, peat, brown coal and bogheda.This is what doctors call our attention.In the process of burning candles stand in an atmosphere of toxic substances, including concern is toluene and benzene.According to the doctors, they can lead to asthma and trigger the development of cancer.

an experiment.Take a small piece of glass and a light hold it over a burning paraffin candles.Appeared a black spot - a smell of burning, which is formed during combustion.Perform the same experiment with a wax candle, and you will see that the glass will remain clean.

But the candle would not be a candle, except for one important detail - the wick.This is a special thread, impregnated with a special solution to maintain a continuous and long burning candles.Impregnating are different, but far from safe.If the wick is treated with a solution of lead acetate, when heated, it is able to release toxic substances that have a negative impact on the cardiovascular and nervous system.Due to its high toxicity banned the use in cosmetics.

Inhaling the scent of bliss

no extra ingredients, paraffin candles are not hard enough and eventually lose their form.For this reason, they are added ceresin (mineral waxes) and food sterol.To give beautiful appearance, various dyes and unobtrusive as additional impact on our nervous system - flavors.By and large, nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary.Exposure to scented candles is able to remove fatigue, to cheer up or contribute to relaxation.Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you need:

- to relieve fatigue - aromas of coconut, sandalwood, coriander, cinnamon;

- to raise the tone - the flavors of orange, mint, rosemary;

- as antidepressants - aromas of bergamot, lavender, Turkish rose, neroli, sandalwood, jasmine, mimosa, geraniums;

- relaxation - aroma of mandarin, patchouli, bergamot, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, chamomile;

- for a romantic evening - aromas of vanilla, rose, cinnamon, apricot.

But it is one thing.And on the other - these candles are instead cozy atmosphere and the desire to enjoy the aroma, to conceal the danger to our health.The fact that a large number aromasvechey contains natural essential oils, which does favorably affect the nervous system, and artificial flavors, in the combustion process which can produce toxins.This impact physicians compared with prolonged inhalation of cigarette smoke on the benefits or dangers that, however.

to add flavor to the resistance, in the aromasvechey added diethyl phthalate.It is an ester of phthalic acid, which is classified as srednetoksichnyh compounds with weak cumulative effect.Irritant, skin-resorptive, teratogenic and mutagenic.The negative impact of most exposed: central nervous system, respiratory system, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal track, spleen.

I'm sure many will wonder if paraffin candles have a negative impact on human health, why they come to the public?Because they are not instant death, and adverse effects of some factors may under certain conditions.With the same success it was possible to raise the question of the legality of the sale of alcoholic beverages, which in one way or another, many resulting in death.

Do not rush to throw out of the house all the candles.A simple approach to use them wisely and try to buy the ones that are made from natural ingredients.


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