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Top Seller Air Fresheners

At Take A SCENTimental Journey our air fresheners last 2880 hours.  Yes, our air fresheners are long lasting how do we do it?  We use the best oils (nothing alcohol based) in our air fresheners.  You also add water, YES water, to our air fresheners to extend their life.  Our aromatherapy air fresheners have many purposes.  We have air fresheners for Sinus Relief, air fresheners for headache relief, air fresheners for a better night’s sleep.  Along with our aromatherapy air fresheners, we have air fresheners for the home.  Because there is no flame they can be used as; office air fresheners, dorm air fresheners, RV air fresheners.  Our air fresheners are completely portable, and go anywhere you do.

  • Headache Relief, recommend by Miss Delaware Amanda Debus.  It has the same ingredients as our Sinus Relief Air freshener with an added bonus of Peppermint essential oil.  Best Damn Scents

    Headache Relief

    Headache Relief Aromatherapy, recommend by Miss Delaware Amanda Debus.  It has the same ingredients as our Sinus Relief Air freshener, a Cool, Crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus essential oil, mint; with an added bonus...

  • Odor Enemy

    Odor Enemy

    Odor Enemy, great for eliminating household odors. Infused with spicy blend of geranium, thyme, and rosemary essential oils, a hint of Olive oil and a burst of lemon sunshine, prepares the air to be thoroughly cleansed. Just...

  • Sinus Relief

    Sinus Relief

    Sinus Relief, aromatherapy air freshener, our #1 seller and re-ordered Item - our aromatherapy sinus relief is similar to The famous vapor rub a cool, crisp infusion of camphor, eucalyptus essential oil, and mint. Great for...



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