White Tea

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Clear Essential Oil may Add a Tint to Clear Color
Care & Use Part 1:
#1: Remove Lid & Store It. You will need it ! When the aroma crystals drop between the top rim and the lower rim (1/4") its time to add water. #2: Add enough water to bring crystals near the top rim.
Care & Use Part 2:
#3: After adding water replace the lid, and turn upside down once. #4: Turn jar back over to normal position and open lid. Enjoy
Care & Use Part 3:
Repeat above when crystals drop down again in jar. Dunham's Essentials - Dunham's Home - Best Damn Scents

Product Overview

White tea, aromatherapy air freshener, for thousands of years, Chinese emperors and royalty have indulged in white tea. Contains natural essential oils, bergamot, lavender, mandarin, thyme, ginger, and lemon. Dunhams Essentials - Dunhams Home. Best Damn Scents.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review